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A philosophical outlook on life.

 To me, too many people let themselves be burdened and hindered with the ins and outs of the everyday. They seek their happiness in the physical and suppress the negative with what good can be had in reality. However, over time your negative eventually bubbles back to the surface with a few bits of carry-on baggage to accompany it. What people should do, at least in this fox's opinion, is take the time to distance themselves from the reality they perceive and focus on the reality they desire.

Let your mind wander through the pages of a good book, let your senses slip away in the intricate melody of music, or let yourself go completely to run through fields that exist solely in your mind. Free yourself from your human bonds and run with the wolves through open fields. Let your wings of light carry you through the heavens to rest upon clouds of warm, rich softness. Let yourself be free of the everyday norm for whatever time you wish to allot to the act.

Find a chair, a couch, a bed, what have you, and simply let your mind be at ease. Stress comes with the everyday. Only by truly letting go can this stress he let go as well.

A week of ups and (mostly) downs

 This has not been my best week ever. Literally I can go day by day and tell you something that was bad about the day. Instead, however, I am going to just give a quick synopsis of the bad and focus mostly on the good.

The bad: I breathed in bleach and burned my throat for two day, my girlfriend broke up with me, and my mom has been in the hospital twice.

The good: I wrote a new story, I have a new novel idea, and I still have great friends who support me through it all. 

This short, very very short actually, journal ends with this message: No matter how bad things may seem you have to look at the good things in life. Life is hard... it is the good that makes it worth living.

Thank you. *bows*

A philosophy on life.

While reading Out of Position, a novel by Kyell Gold, I found something that I tend to agree with. Now, before I say what that is I want you all to sit down for a moment and really think about this.

In life, everyone is always acting. We see a situation and attempt to act accordingly. Yes, there are moments we are genuine when we are with the people we love and trust most, but quite often we take on a role in life that best fills the need of the situation at hand. Perhaps this role is very similar to our own genuine self or perhaps it is the exact opposite. You may be the quite, semi-classy type of person who enjoys sipping on tea and reading a good book (such as myself) or you may be like a friend of mine and bring up the word cock somewhere during the course of a conversation. Now, with those two ideas in mind, let's try a little scenario to throw them in.

Fast food. In fast food you can never be quite and it can be hard to be classy at times. If you are quite things don't get done like they should and trying to act civilized is often reserved for break times and perhaps cashiering. No matter what though, you must take up the role of a talker who will get down and dirty in order to get things done. In the same role, the friend who likes to talk about sex would have to tame her tongue and take up the role of the "polite conversationalist" and avoid comments about sex altogether.

Another situation is the job interview. Here, the classy fellow would be more or less alright though he may need to break away and take up a slightly more talkative role. The friend would need to switch roles once again to the "polite question and answer" type. 

In the end, the fact remains that at some point in your day you will take the stage of life and act accordingly. You may give a wonderful performance or fall flat on your face. In the end though, that is life.

12,000 a day and counting.

 12,000 words in one day. I feel awesome really. I mean, this is a great feeling just seeing my story unfold before my eyes. The more I type the more I remember the reason I started writing. The feeling of getting your thoughts out on paper, seeing a world of your creation grow right before your very eyes. I love this. I'm so happy. I could sing. LA-DE-DA-DA-DA. There we go, I sang. Still, I can't sit still when I look at my progress and realize how far I managed to take it in one afternoon. Over thirty pages done in what seemed like no time at all. Someone pinch me I must be dreaming.

A preview of my Work in Progress

 So, to all my readers, I send you this little journal to let you know of a project I am working on. For those of you who I know will be interested in this I will let slip that it is a male/ male story that will feature a few juicy sex scenes. Below is a little info on my project that you all may find interesting.

The story takes place in a fictional town called Adamstown which plays host to a small but respectable school known as Kindlebrook University. It is here we meet up with a young otter named Nathan who is excited to be joining his friends, a golden lab named Travis, on Kindlebrook's soccer team. While moving into his new home away from home Nathan happens upon a young red fox named Jonas who, to Nathan's amazement, is a blind painter. Yes, you read that correctly, Jonas is blind and is a painter at the college. In addition, he has been known to read a few poems at his favourite coffee shop, the Fox Loft, and even sing a few songs with proper motivation (Nathan's reassuring words and... other talents help to prompt the fox into a few things). The story will basically follow Nathan through his first year of college and the summer that follows it as he is led on a path of self-realization and exploration that he would never have considered before meeting up with a certain artistic fox. 

So be sure to check in every so often for updates and I hope you will all enjoy my little project when the time comes. Thank you and good night.

Plans for this summer (June and July)

 First and foremost I plan to do a little reading from some books my dear friend Kt gave me but that is one of those things most of you don't care about as much as I do.

Now, on to the important things:

I've got a nice little to do list set out for stories to write this summer; mostly adult pieces but there are a few clean stories I plan on typing up. In addition I am finalizing my plot and such, more or less, for a novel of the male on male erotica variety. Keep in mind, however, that sex is not the plot to this story. It is just one of those not-so-little things my readers will likely enjoy when they get to it. I am still trying to research a few things as well as figure out species for certain characters, what makes more sense geography wise, and so forth. No cutting corners for this fox-rabbit. 

Anyway, not too long of a journal this time. I'm off to grab a mango smoothie (God there is not enough money in my wallet to supply me with enough of those) and get back to the writings and editings that are going to fill my summer. Ta ta!

My First Publication


I recently completed editing and designing a collection of poems from my high school career and now I bring them to you in an example of my early work. Though I think I have developed well beyond the skill shown in this book I still felt a need to bring it to life. So, if you would like a copy, simply check out the above link and place your order today.

 Though some may not see them as accomplishments I must say that the fact I have been able to write and find inspiration through dark times is a very big accomplishment. 

I've written, seriously, 18 stories in the last two months. Mind you most of those are not the quality I prefer but they do exist. My last two posts, especially Java Beans, are something I am proud of and though some may not enjoy them I find them very enjoyable.

I've remembered that writing should be about expression and about having fun. It should never be about anything less. No mechanical writing cause you feel you have to. Literature is only truly good when you are able to enjoy it.

I know this is a short journal but it is my first. No worries; I imagine the others will be longer.